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Who is eligible for donation rebates?

Individuals who have donated to a charitable organisation in the past 4 years
Individuals who have a current taxable income in New Zealand

What does it cost?

You pay nothing upfront. If we successfully secure a donation rebate for you, we take a small fee of 10% + GST.

If we can't secure a donation rebate for you... you pay nothing!

You could get up to 33% back for any donations you've made.

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Success Stories

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“I knew you could get a tax refund on your donations, but I never got around to it. That’s why Fund a Future is so fantastic. They helped me get refunds both for my charitable donations and my school fee donations, so it ended up being quite a significant amount. Donating it back to the charities I support made me feel really good, and it didn’t cost me anything!”

Diedrik | Regifted his $1400 rebate

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“It is difficult to get a donation rebate so I had never really tried, but with Fund a Future I just had to fill in a few questions online and they did it all for me. When I got the rebate, I couldn’t believe how much it was and how easy it was to regift it to several charities! I thought about keeping it for myself, but I really like donating to charity and I hope I’m making a difference.”

Shirley | Regifted her $148 rebate


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