Our Purpose

New Zealanders love supporting charities, schools, and religious organisations, in fact, we are some of the most generous people in the world. But when it comes to claiming rebates on our donations, most Kiwis either don’t know they can, don’t know how, or they simply don’t bother.

The result? More than $200 million is left unclaimed every year!

We started Fund a Future to give charitable organisations the opportunity to access this untapped funding source. We wanted to simplify the rebate process and make it easy for Kiwis to make their donation go a little further…without opening their wallet. Charities, schools, religious and community organisations make a difference every day. By signing up to Fund a Future and regifting your donation rebate, you can too.

Meet the team

Guillaume Dehan | CEO & Founder

Guillaume wants to make NZ the most generous country in the world and is a positive impact advocate. He is backed by years of experience working in over 5 countries, for start-ups and multi-million-dollar asset management firms.

Franco Sabadini | CTO & Co-Founder

Franco is our software engineer who has worked with both start-ups and large companies, leading teams and building systems used by millions of users. Franco is focused on building solutions that have a direct positive impact on our world.

Sandy Isaac | CCO

Always on the hunt to make things better and more exciting, Sandy is the voice of the customer and proof of concept guru for Fund a Future. Sandy helps maintain product/market fit and continuous innovation & improvement as the business evolves.

Meet the advisory board

Lisa King | Founder of Eat My Lunch & AF Drinks

Rod Snodgrass | Governance, Digital Growth

Fiona McPhee | Fundraising Strategist & Coach

Nigel Parry | Board Director

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How it works

Donated in the past 4 years?

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We Claim For You

We'll make a claim with the IRD and send you updates along the way.

Rebate Paid

You decide whether to re-gift or keep your rebate. Easy!

Who is eligible for donation rebates?

Individuals who have donated to a charitable organisation in the past 4 years
Individuals who have a current taxable income in New Zealand

What does it cost?

You pay nothing upfront. If we successfully secure a donation rebate for you, we take a small fee of 10% + GST.

If we can't secure a donation rebate for you... you pay nothing!

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